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Website Automation- A Dream or a Reality

Artificial intelligence is a known phenomenon in the world today. Its root started to build years ago but the tree started to grow long after. Right now, artificial intelligence is at the complete stretch and with increasing knowledge of what its potential is, the world is jiggling with it. Now when developers and thinkers have […]

Is AI Going to Benefit HR in Future?

The short answer is yes. Get ready for a transformation of your HR department and I’m talking about making it much better. Do you really want to work at your current level of speed and productivity? AI is the key businesses have been waiting to make this department more effective: Getting more done, pursuing accuracy […]

How AI Is Finally Spreading Through the Supply Chain

The production and distribution of consumer goods and food products are not as cut and dry as it may seem to spectators. With the numerous challenges and complexities throughout the supply chain, artificial intelligence is rightfully standing at the forefront of technological solutions. This is because AI is enhancing efficiency from the first to the […]

AI Is Key to Bias-Free VC

Securing venture capital funding is a tricky terrain to travel. It’s hard enough for founders to accrue the capital needed to continue scaling, but it’s even more difficult for entrepreneurs from underrepresented demographics. In a recent study jointly published by Babson and Wellesley colleges, it was found that just 3 percent, or $1.5 billion, of the […]

Will AI Prevent You From Having A Heart Attack?

Preventative medicine is all the rage. It can cut long-term healthcare costs, help patients avoid painful procedures, and overall drives longer, better quality lives. So when does preventative medicine make the move from yearly checkups and traditional tests like mammograms and colonoscopies to something more high tech? We may be standing at that turning point […]

The Future of Labor: It’s Not All Robots in the Workplace

Is the robot revolution arriving sooner — and with more devastating force — than you once believed? While much of the automation discussion has surrounded blue-collar careers in manufacturing and transportation, recent studies on the subject see a much wider range of jobs being affected. According to an algorithm developed in 2013 by researchers at […]

How Tech Is Shaking Up the Modern-Day Ad Agency

How do you get noticed when your audience is more mobile, digital, and finicky than ever? That’s what the major players in the ad industry are trying to figure out. Not only are brands moving their media operations in-house, but many companies are embracing IT consulting firms in lieu of paying ad agencies. Why? It […]

Top 10 Actionable Ways To Optimize mCommerce with Artificial Intelligence in 2018

Google is probably one of the most active tech giants when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. In their most recent I/O, they probably demonstrated how to nail down a turing test. For those who missed it, here’s a sneak peek:     If such disruptive and moot evolution in Artificial Intelligence are not an effort […]

Compete in Acumos AI Open Source Developer Challenge $100,000 in Prizes

The Acumos AI Challenge is an open source developer competition seeking innovative AI solutions from both individuals and teams of students, developers, and data scientists Finalists will be flown out to San Fransisco on September 11 to compete for prizes The Challenge is sponsored by AT&T and Tech Mahindra with $100,000 in prizes 1st place = […]

No Just Connectivity, Telecom Must Leverage the Most of IoT to Deliver Value-Based Services

Thanks to ‘all things smart and intelligent’, from interactive fitness trackers and smart thermostats to driverless vehicles and connected smart kitchens, the Internet of Things (IoT) has witnessed increased adoption- to make our lives smarter and more interactive, in the recent years. As the Internet of Things continues to pervade the enterprise and consumer worlds, […]