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5 of the best security apps to keep your data and information safe

Because who wants companies like Facebook snooping on you? Do you protect yourself online? It’s quite a simple question and yet you may not know how to answer it. These days, data security is more important than ever before. Your whole life is stored on the likes of your phone and laptop. So, how can […]

The 10 best health and fitness apps

Want to lose weight, get fitter or just feel healthier? We all know that we should be leading a healthier, more active live, but did you know that your phone can help you do just that? Yes, you can turn your smartphone into your very own personal trainer! Here are 10 of the best health […]

Five property apps to help you find your new home

Happy house-hunting with these property apps. Moving to a new house is one of the most stressful things you will ever do. That’s a fact. But, what few of us forget, is that finding the right property can be just as tricky. There are just so many options out there (and a whole load of […]

The top five loudest smartphones

Pump, pump, pump it up. These are loudest mobile phones money can buy. For the deep-sleepers who need extra volume that rouses. And the party-starters who want to raise the roof. We’ve put together a compilation of the top five loudest smartphones that silence the competition. Once upon a time, HTC was known for having […]

The 10 best mobile phones you can buy – Spring 2019

Find out what device has been crowned the BEST mobile phone for 2019… So, it’s time to upgrade your phone and get something new and snazzy, but where do you start? With amazing mobile phones hitting the market all the time, it can be hard to know which is right for you. Never fear because […]

10 Nokia mobile phones you can’t believe existed

Ten times Nokia didn’t give a single f**k. Nokia, what happened to you, bro? You used to have so much swag back in the day, with your kooky, bordering on zany, mobile phone designs. While the rest of the industry was pouring money into smart and innovative new features – what chumps – you guys […]

Huawei P20, P20 Pro and P20 Lite: Here’s what you need to know

Watch out Apple and Samsung, there’s some serious competition coming your way. This week, a range of new Huawei phones have been officially announced, and you may be a little surprised at their names. Yes, we’ve leaped from the former P10 devices all the way to the P20 – skipping everything in between. There’s a good […]

This is how much it costs you to charge your phone for a year

This has got to be some sort of joke? Since we switched from the tireless bricks of the early 00s, to today’s power-thirsty smartphones, you’ve no doubt clocked up a fair few hours plugged into the mains. If your charging habits are anything like mine, hours aren’t an appropriate unit of measurement at all. We’re […]

iPhone 8: rumours and release date

Updated 01.06.17: All the biggest ‘iPhone 8’ rumours from around the web! iPhone 7 isn’t far from reaching its one-year birthday, which means Apple fans itching for the next iPhone launch, rumoured to be called ‘iPhone 8’ according to online sources like MacRumours. Saying that, some reports claim that Apple could be ditching the number naming […]

5 amazing Easter eggs hidden on your iPhone

Easter has come early for iPhone users. Here are some of the best kept secrets iOS 12 has to offer. Want to hear a secret? Lean in close and listen to this. There are some delightful Apple iPhone Easter eggs hidden on your device. If you’ve just updated to iOS 12 and feel like going […]