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Hajime malware is turning 300,000 IoT devices into zombies

Like something out of the Walking Dead, a plague is ripping through the Internet and turning IoT devices into zombies. The horde amassed by the Hajime malware has grown to over 300,000 Internet of Things devices. While your smart fridge won’t come to life and try to eat your brains, the term “zombie” in this […]

Cleveland Browns get ready to WHOOP it up

Some lucky NFL Players were given the opportunity to check out WHOOP straps recently, at the NFL Players Association reps meeting. Ibraheim Campbell, the Cleveland Browns defensive back was so impressed by the gadget that he hasn’t stopped using it since then. “I’ve seen my awareness of myself and how I’m doing increase. It’s been […]

Vibes rocks out and shakes wearables world all night long

For those struggling to learn the guitar, a new wearable startup, Vibes, may have just the way to help you out. Based in the UK, Vibes has been working on an ear training technology that is powered through a wearable forearm strap.   See Also: How to use machine learning in today’s enterprise environment What […]

Microsoft not throwing in towel on wearables yet; introduces new smartwatch

Microsoft appears to have something new and exciting in the works.  Looking to rejoin the wearables competition, after its Band 2 device didn’t go over so well last year, it has introduced plans for its successor, but with a twist. This TrekStor-designed watch, which doesn’t have a name at the moment, is directed at B2B […]

What makes Deep Learning deep….and world-changing?

Remember how you started recognizing fruits, animals, cars and for that matter any other object by looking at them from our childhood? Our brain gets trained over the years to recognize these images and then further classify them as apple, orange, banana, cat, dog, horse. then it gets even more interesting — aside from figuring […]

Is the “augmented customer” the future of tech?

A report released this week by global research and consulting firm Ovum has explored the changing identity of the customer in the digital age with the emergence of what they term the  “Augmented Customer” — an interconnectedness between customers, retailers, and technology. “With the number of connected smart devices expected to double thanks to advancements in smart home, […]

Is inventory management clouding your judgment?

Imagine a world where running lean meant the digitization of goods while using smart systems to manufacture end product next to your consumers. Creating such a customer-centric model of production could change the way we view parts manufacturing in its entirety. 3D printing has crept into conversations regarding modern day business and has become more […]

How to feed and care for your wireless sensor networks

In addition to contributing to the exponential increase in data, security concerns, and strain on enterprise networks, the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating demand for upgraded wireless sensor nodes in the enterprise. And as IoT becomes more prevalent in the enterprise, the ease with which we as IT professionals can deploy […]

Companies join Linux Foundation to build open IoT edge framework

The Linux Foundation this week announced the launch of EdgeX Foundry at Hanover Messe, an open source project to build a common open framework for IoT edge computing and an ecosystem of interoperable components that unifies the marketplace and accelerates enterprise and Industrial IoT. The initiative is aligned around a common goal: the simplification and […]

For your big data, sometimes there’s no place like home

As the IoT becomes more widespread, companies are coming to the realization that although IoT stands for “Internet of Things,” the reality is that these solutions are less about the things and more about using the data generated from these things. As the volume of data that these solutions deliver grows, it is challenging traditional […]