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Legal Transformation or Disruption? A New Rule for Talking About It

We need a new rule to talk about legal transformation and disruption. Too many legal commentators and speakers claim that a new technology or business model will change all. I see gradual change but not legal transformation or disruption. To improve public discussion, I propose a new rule to frame legal transformation and disruption claims. […]

Exploding Legal Surveys and Conferences

I hope you find my title, exploding legal surveys and conferences, suitably ambiguous. A dual meaning is my intent. The first meaning of my title refers to the explosion in the volume of surveys, white papers, and conferences. I started in legal tech and law practice management in 1989. Then, it was hard to find […]

Surprise about Legal Innovation (An Interview by Colin Levy)

In March, Colin S. Levy published at his blog an interview with me that I call the Surprise about Legal Innovation. I intentionally waited a bit to publish here. Sometimes I change my mind about what I write and publish but here, I have not. Other than some minor editorial changes, this reproduces what Colin […]

Keeping Up with KM, AI, and Legal Tech – Recommended Sources

I was recently asked, by Deborah S. Panella, to recommend reading for keeping up with KM (knowledge management), AI (artificial intelligence), and legal tech. She curated an ILTA KM blog post, What Are You Ingesting and Will You Digest It For Me?, published on 22 May 2018. The audience for this post is primarily knowledge management […]

Personal Productivity Update 2018 Edition

It’s been 3+ years since I blogged about personal productivity. So I’ll provide some highlights of changes I’ve made in that time that boost my efficiency. In this era of legal innovation buzz, we must remember that the innovation has value only if it improves efficiency or effectiveness. Technology can help us do both, as […]

Can Law Firms Gain a Sustainable Advantage with AI?

The article Investing in AI? Strategy Principles Say Go Lightly and Later by Hugh Simons in the American Lawyer (18 May 2018) argues that law firms cannot gain a sustainable competitive advantage by investing in artificial intelligence (AI). I question his thesis in this post. Mr. Simons, a “Ph.D. is formerly a senior partner at The Boston Consulting […]

A Multidisciplinary Future to Solve Legal Problems

Legal IT Today (#21, March 2018 – pdf) recently posed a question: “Today the table is full of partners and associates and select others. When AI ‘arrives’ at a law firm, how do those seats at the table change? How do you envision the legal team of the future changing?” The thesis of my answer: multidisciplinary […]

The Great Legal Reformation (Live Post #ArkCM)

This is a live post from the Ark Law Firm Change Management Summit. This session is the keynote by Mitchell E. Kowalski M.A. LL.M. ICD.D., Barrister and Solicitor, Gowling WLG, Visiting Professor in Legal Innovation, University of Calgary Law School and Author of Avoiding Extinction: Reimagining Legal Services for the 21st Century. The session description is […]

How Firms are Redefining DMS Ownership to Drive Adoption

My Fireman & Company business partner, Tom Baldwin, and I co-authored this article. The ILTA KM blog first published it on 20 April 2018 and I reproduce it hre. Introduction Many firms are planning major upgrades to their document management system (DMS) over the next 12-18 months. This move to a modern DMS experience offers firms […]

Two Paths to Legal Innovation that Changes How Lawyers Work

In my last post, I wrote unless innovation changes how lawyers work, it likely delivers little benefit to firms or clients. Since publishing that post 10 days ago, three recent items suggest two ways to get lawyers to change how they work. Law Department – Law Firm Collaboration Toby Brown‘s piece, The Future of Change […]